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Hello and welcome to the official Green Room Gear LLC Backstage Blog!

We are a startup based out of Philadelphia, PA that specializes in instrument bundles and packages. Green Room Gear specializes in instrument bundles for musicians beginner to advance. We offer electric guitar, acoustic guitar, and bass guitar bundles, as well as all of the tools and strings every musician needs to play and maintain their instruments! Green Room Gear is a startup based in Philadelphia, founded by lifelong friends & musicians.

We're excited to launch our three initial products:

The Electric Guitar Bundle

The Acoustic Guitar Bundle

The Bass Guitar Bundle

Our instrument bundle packages come with Ernie Ball guitar strings, guitar capos, guitar tuners, straps, picks, and more! These make wonderful presents for the holiday for any musician you may know. If you're thinking about purchasing your son or daughter's first guitar or bass, we suggest pairing it with one of our bundles; this would provide them all the tools they need to maintain and play their instrument!

Our custom designed and curated packages are the perfect gift for the musician in your life! We are offering free shipping on all instrument bundles throughout the holiday season, as well as ample discounts.

Each Green Room Gear Instrument Bundle comes with an array of useful tools that will help any musician, be it the occasional guitar player, or the weekly gig player, we've got you covered! Keep your eyes out for additional curated boxes, as well as new exciting products to come!

Thank you giving us your time!

Green Room Gear LLC